Can I Take My Pet On A Minibus?

Our pets are our best friends, and there are times where we want or need to take trips with them. Coastal runs with the dog, vet trips with the cat, there are a number of situations that might require you to use public transport with your pet. The question on the tip of every tongue is can you actually bring your pet on public transport, and are they able to ride a minibus? Below, you will find all the answers you need and more. 

Can Pets Go on a Minibus?

Yes, pets can travel on most minibuses. At Wyatt Coaches, we are happy to take you and your pets on any journey. Whether you need to travel with your support dog, or you just want to take your pet on an exciting day trip, they are more than welcome to hop on and take a ride. After all, they are family too. Minibus hire with us has never been simpler for you and your pet. Pet Travel on a minibus rotherham

The majority of minibus companies will allow a dog (or other pet) to travel as long as they are safely contained or secured. One of the great things about the UK is how many companies appreciate the bond we have with our pets. Just make sure you call ahead to check everything is agreed before you make your booking. 


Can You Take Pets on Public Transport? 

Yes, in the UK you can take your pet on pretty much every form of transportation. It doesn’t matter if they are an assistance dog or a regular household pooch – they will likely be welcomed as long as they are well behaved. Even other pets can hop aboard, you just need to ensure they are secured and contained for the duration of the trip. 

Buses. Most companies will allow this without question, as long as they are not on the seats. There are some that might refuse your pet access and so you should call up and confirm with the company before you plan your bus trip. Pet Travel in a Mini Bus Rotherham

Trains. It’s free for pets to travel, as long as there are no more than two per person. The only rule is that they don’t sit on the seats and you keep them under control. This is one of the most common ways for dogs to travel, and other pets should be kept contained during their journey. Pets are also allowed on sleeper trains, but with an additional charge for any cleaning. 

London Underground. Your pets are welcome on the tube, but you must ensure that they are carried up the escalators. This is to prevent them from clogging the escalator, but also for their safety as their claws can get stuck in the grills. Not to mention, many hate standing on them. 

Taxis. All taxi firms must allow assistance dogs in their car by law, and individual pets are at the discretion of the driver. Therefore, you may have to wait a little longer if you get a few drivers that aren’t keen on your furry friend hopping in the car with them. For private firms, it is important to check that your pet is allowed to come with before you book. 

Boats. If you are sailing overseas, your pet will need all of the relevant vaccinations as well as their passport. Most boats – whether ferries or otherwise – will allow dogs that behave themselves but are kept on the lead. This is quite standard across the public transport sector, and you should also be mindful of them needing the bathroom during the trip. 


Preparing Your Pet for Your Minibus Trip 

Transport can be a little frightening for pets when they first get on. After all, it is a new experience and sometimes a crowded one. For busy forms of transportation, you might want to play the sound of crowded streets and train sounds around the house to familiarise them with it. When you are on the vehicle, sit somewhere as quiet as possible to help them stay calm. 

Treats are a great way to reassure them that everything is fine, and it also rewards them for calm behaviour while they are travelling. Soon, they will begin to associate the journey with good things instead of intimidating ones. You can also bring a toy for them to play with if you expect to be travelling for a little while. Dog Travel costal Run Barnsley

Minibuses can cause car sickness, and while this cannot necessarily be cured you can try to get them used to it. If possible, take them for a drive every day so that they familiarise themselves with the bumps and sways of the vehicle. This often leads to dogs being less likely to vomit when they are in vehicles. 

A pro tip is to always make sure your pet goes to the bathroom before you get on your chosen mode of transportation. This means that they will be more relaxed for the journey, and you don’t have to worry about accidents as much as you normally would. After all, you can’t stop a train for your dog to have a quick bathroom break! Your pet needs to be as chilled as possible, and this helps a lot.

To Conclude

If you want coastal minibus hire, or you are just looking for some help getting from A to B and you need a minibus, we are here to help you through every step of the journey. You and your pet are sure to enjoy a comfortable trip with no stress and a load of adventure. Plus, being able to take your pet on pretty much every form of public transport really opens up a whole range of options to suit both of you. If you want more information on booking a minibus in Barnsley, Rotherham or Doncaster for a special occasion, costal run, or wedding give us a call or contact and one of friendly staff will be happy to assist.