The History of Coaches

The modern coach as we know it today has a long and dynamic history. The following article is going to present the rich history of the coach, detailing its transformation from 3000 BC to the present day.   3000 BC Many people use the term ‘coach’ to refer to the horse-drawn chariots and carriages used […]

5 reasons to choose Wyatt Coaches for your minibus with driver

We realise that there are a lot of options out there for coach hire. However, with some companies, you get a vehicle but not a good experience. Here at Wyatt Coaches, we provide service of the highest quality – but don’t just take our word for it! If our testimonials aren’t enough to convince you, […]

Pimp My Ride: Coach Edition

Minivans are a useful vehicle for travelling to events in a large group, and more often than not that’s about all they provide; safety and seating for getting from A to B. However, some coach enthusiasts are going further, completely renovating their minivans or coaches into moving homes and luxury transport! We’ve searched the internet […]

Top 10 hen do destinations abroad

Every hen dreams of her perfect wedding, but before they even get down the aisle they want a hen-do to match, giving them a final send off with their closest friends and family. Everyone has different tastes, but if your budget can stretch to a trip abroad there is something to please every hen. Below […]

10 top tips for your stag do

A wedding is a special occasion for both the bride and the groom, but just as the hen will look forward to her night out with the girls, the stag needs a proper send-off before the big day. If you want to make your stag-do a memorable one, or if you’re planning one on the […]

The History of Coach Hire

The history of coach travel is a long one with many ups and downs and factors inside and outside of the coach industry’s control have led us to where we are now. In this post we give you a whistle-stop run through of coach travel history in the UK. With the railway rearing its head […]

Wedding car ideas for your big day

The big day should be all about the happy couple and you should be able to select whatever kind of transportation you like to arrive at the wedding venue in, just as long as you aren’t late! Here at Wyatt Coaches we’ve put together a range of unique as well as traditional forms of transport […]

5 top family holiday destinations in the UK

The weather at this time of year can be totally unpredictable in the UK, but with the winter firmly behind us many people will view this as the perfect time to get away and take a short break. Whether you’re looking for something over the weekend or a whole week, the UK has plenty to […]

Checklist of things to consider before going on a backpacking trip

Backpacking will offer a rich experience for any traveller, though it may take someone more adventurous to undertake this endeavour. It is not necessary to be a student to go backpacking, though it is an experience which is often associated with a year out at University or post-graduation. In any case, backpacking will offer unparalleled […]

Planning a hen do

For any bride-to-be the big day itself is one of the most important things in their life, with love and romance at the centre of the special day. But there is also the hen party to look forward to – it needs to be something they remember for years to come as they celebrate their […]