Top tips for staying healthy when travelling

When you’re going away on your holidays or planning to travel it might be easy to put your health and well-being to one side in all the excitement over the places you’re visiting, the sun you’ll be soaking up and the people you’ll meet. Doubtless there will be culinary indulgences which you won’t want to […]

The Benefits of providing a coach hire service on your wedding day

A wedding is a time to celebrate; it’s a joyous occasion where family and friends from both sides can unite and support the couple as they take the leap into married life. For some, it is the most important day of their lives and can create so many treasured memories. There are, however, many things […]

How to make a long coach journey comfortable

How to make a long coach journey comfortable For some people a long coach journey can be a thing of nightmares, while for others it is a chance to relax when not doing all the driving for once. Either way you want to ensure that you’re comfortable, there might be stops but there is nothing […]

Tips for making a long bus journey fun

A long bus journey can drag and be a drain for both adults and children. No one likes to be bored and it can feel uncomfortable to sit for hours with little to do. Below are our lists for kids and adults on how to turn your long bus journey into a fun and relaxing […]

Welcome to the Wyatt Coaches News Page

At Wyatt Coaches we like to be at the forefront of any industry news or advancements and, as a result, we have created a monthly blog to pass that insight on to our customers and the public. By bookmarking this page and checking back with us regularly you can find out all sorts of information […]