10 Tips To Ensure Your Wedding Doesn’t Cost The Earth

Planning your wedding can be a chaotic experience and cost is something every couple has to bear in mind. This month we’ve got 10 tips which should help you stay within your budget and keep costs down.

1) Choose an affordable venue.

Outdoor Party

If you are unable to afford to hire an expensive venue, go for one which you can afford. Shop around for the best wedding venue that is within your financial means and you may find an excellent location for a bargain.

2) Choose a less popular time.

Another way to make sure your wedding does not cost the earth is to hold it at a time less in demand. Certain days (such as weekdays), seasons, and times will be less expensive than others.

3) Save money on pre-wedding parties.

If you want to keep your wedding costs down, you should avoid over-spending on the customary stag or hen do. Instead of spending a weekend away at an overseas holiday resort, try and hold your stag or hen do closer to home and spread it over a day and an evening rather than a weekend. Furthermore, try to avoid spending too much on drinks.

4) Do-it-yourself decorations.

The arty and crafty may opt to make their own wedding decorations in order to cut costs, providing an opportunity to showcase their creative skills and add a personal touch.

5) Be selective in your invitations

The more people you invite to your wedding, the more it is going to cost. Try to invite only those who are closest to you and mean the most to you, such as your best friends and family, and the costs of your wedding will be reduced.

6) Have a buffet

Those worried about mounting catering costs at the wedding reception should consider providing a buffet in place of a sit down dinner. In the absence of expensive waiting staff, guests can serve themselves and the quality of food need not suffer.

7) Get a good deal on wedding dresses

There are many beautiful wedding dresses on offer to the discerning bride available for a reasonable price. When searching for a wedding dress you can find cheaper deals and discounts on dresses without compromising on style.

8) Save costs on professional DJ

If none of your friends or family can can DJ at your wedding for free or a reduced fee, hire a venue with its own sound system and use a digital music device like an iPod to provide the soundtrack to your wedding reception.

9) Budget cake

The larger the cake and the more complicated the design, the more it is going to eat into your budget. Keep wedding cake costs down by choosing a simpler design, cheaper ingredients and a smaller size.

10) Get multiple quotes for transportation costs

It is important to find the right company to meet the transport needs of your guests on your wedding day and this will entail getting multiple quotes for transportation costs in order to find the best deal for the highest degree of service. Those seeking affordable wedding transport should contact Wyatt Coaches Ltd for an excellent rate of service at a reasonable price