10 top tips for your stag do

A wedding is a special occasion for both the bride and the groom, but just as the hen will look forward to her night out with the girls, the stag needs a proper send-off before the big day.

If you want to make your stag-do a memorable one, or if you’re planning one on the behalf of your stag, take a look at our top 10 tips for organising the event below.

1) Get the invites sorted. Depending on how many people you want to invite this could be a breeze or a mammoth task. You need to give everyone enough notice and include the people your stag wants present – this means finding a date on which everyone can make it.

2) Plan locations and activities. One of the great things about a stag-do is that it’s an opportunity to get away and do things you wouldn’t normally be able to do as a group. Sunnier climbs are always popular but you also need to think about whether there are enough activities to do in the area, whether that’s paintballing or sightseeing.

3) Choose a theme. A theme can be subtle and understated, using t-shirts to link your team together, or you can all wear outrageous superhero costumes as you strut through the streets. The budget might inform this point but so will the collective sense of humour.

4) Don’t take things too far. You have to remember that this is a celebration and not just an excuse to tie your stag to a lamppost in Amsterdam and embarrass him. There is a bride back home who wants her groom in once piece and you don’t need any accidents for any of your group to spoil the day.

5) Take a camera. By the end of the night you might not be able to take a picture very well, but if you can at least get some shots of your group early on and the activities you do then there will be memories to share later.

6) Split the costs. The groom shouldn’t be paying for his night out so make sure you have costs covered. It’s best to get the money from everyone attending in advance so you can plan and book things accordingly.

7) Pace yourselves. Many people spoil a stag-do by drinking too much, too early, and it’s a sure fire way to make things fizzle out before you get anywhere. Enjoy the odd tipple along the way, but only have a final blowout once the evening is nearing its end so you can be sure of completing any activities and not wasting your money.

8) Tailor the day to your stag. It’s no good organising quad bikes and strip clubs if you’re stag is a more reserved character, you need to plan the day around your stag and what he would most like to do. As long as you’re all together you’re bound to have a good time.

9) Arrange proper transport. When the day finally comes you’ll kick yourself if you haven’t actually organised transport from a reputable company. At Wyatt Coaches you can hire a 16 seater minibus for travel from Barnsley to ensure you all get to your destination as a group.

10) Get the groom to the wedding. Most important of all the tips we have is to ensure the groom is at his wedding on time and in good shape. Many people plan a stag-do for weeks before the wedding and this is a good idea if you’re planning a rowdy day away.

To find out more about transport and vehicle hire for your stag-do then get in touch with Wyatt Coaches today. Our professional team will be happy to discuss the arrangements for your day.