10 Ways to Entertain Yourself on Long Journeys

Some people find travel therapeutic, some find it claustrophobic and some find it down right boring. For those of you who fall into the third camp, it needn’t be this way. Long journeys give us a chance to get stuck into our more time-consuming hobbies, or simply do nothing if that’s what we want. If you’re stuck for ideas, in this article we’ll list 10 ways you can entertain yourself on a long journey.

Listen to music

listen to musicListening to music is one of the most common ways to enhance your travelling experience. With Apple Music or Spotify at your disposal, discovering new artists has never been so easy, especially when you’ve got a few hours to play with.


Reading is another great way to pass the time. It’s much more satisfying to digest a story in larger chunks, and long journeys offer the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Listen to an audiobook

For those who feel a little queasy when reading in transit, an audiobook is a good idea. Amazon’s Audible app has an enormous bank of audiobooks to choose from, all available for a reasonable price.

Watch a film

If you have access to a tablet or laptop on your journey, watching a film or two is certainly a viable option if you have them loaded up beforehand. However, like reading, this can make some people travel sick, so be careful!

Play a phone game

Addictive, frustrating and perhaps a waste of time, but who cares? You’ve got time to kill! From crosswords and sudokus to pinball and go-karting, there’s a phone game out there for everyone, so have a browse before your trip.


For those who want to use this time constructively, writing is a great way to engage yourself. You could keep it simple and write a diary entry or, if you have a little more confidence, you could write some poetry or a short story.

Talk to someone new

Although daunting, getting to know a fellow traveller is an admirable way to spend your journey. Given they’re in the same position as you, who knows what you might discover?


If you’re able to sleep upright, a long journey is a great chance to catch 40 winks. If you can get yourself a travel pillow beforehand, you’re good to go!


Although you might think that yoga requires mats, silence and billowy trousers, the fundamentals of meditation can be practiced anywhere. Learning to control and focus your breathing can certainly be done on a bus, so give it a try!


If you want to be super efficient, you could always get your laptop out and sift through your emails. Not the most tempting of options, sure, but it could help alleviate some pressure during your working hours.


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