Airport transfer or drive yourself – which is better? [Infographic]

Have you recently booked a long-awaited holiday overseas? If so, you’re probably more interested in checking out the bars and restaurants in your resort than you are in working out how you will get to the airport to catch your flight. However, it’s important to consider logistics when heading away on holiday. Many people wonder between airport transfer or drive yourself, which is better. Read on to find out.

Airport transfer or drive yourself – which is better? [Infographic]

The benefits of airport transfers in Barnsley and Doncaster 

Many people who are jetting away on holiday opt for airport minibus hire rather than driving themselves. Not only is it more convenient but it may also work out more affordable overall. At Wyatt Coaches, we offer airport transfers in Barnsley and Doncaster at highly competitive prices. Our experienced drivers are on hand to transport you to local and national airports, ensuring you arrive in plenty of time to catch your flight. 

Less stressful

Let’s face it, getting to the airport can be stressful. The main reason for this is that you need to ensure that you arrive there with plenty of time to check-in and catch your flight. A lot can go wrong when you drive yourself to the airport and it’s easy to find yourself running late. Fortunately, choosing airport transfers can make the process much less stressful. You can sit back and relax as your driver chauffeurs you in style.   

You won’t get lost

Getting lost on the way to the airport is every holidaymaker’s worst nightmare. However, it’s a real possibility if you’re journeying to an airport outside of your local area. Our drivers are very experienced in providing transfers and have travelled up and down the country chauffeuring people to various airports. 

So, whether you’re heading to a nearby airport like Leeds Bradford or Doncaster Sheffield or you’re going further afield to catch a flight, you can rest assured that we can get you there on time, without getting lost. Real-time satellite navigation systems are installed in our vehicles. This allows us to identify any issues on the roads that could slow us down and potentially choose an alternative route if required.

Your whole group can travel together

Are you travelling as a large group? If so, it makes no sense for you all to drive yourselves to the airport. You’ll arrive separately at different times, making checking in collectively very difficult. Not only is travelling together on a minibus far more convenient but it’s also a lot more fun. You can start getting in the holiday spirit as soon as you step on the bus.

No need to worry about parking

When you opt for airport transfer over driving yourself, you can avoid the hassle and expense of parking your car at the airport. Airport parking can be stressful, especially if you’re worried about the security of your vehicle. Although airport car parks are usually secure, there’s always the risk of your car being damaged in some way. It will also be exposed to the elements in some cases and could potentially suffer battery problems. When you hire a minibus, you can relax in the knowledge that your car is safe at home inside your garage.

Plenty of room for luggage

Cramming luggage into your car boot can quickly turn into an impossible game of Tetris! However spacious you think it is, it’s probably not quite large enough to accommodate everything you want to take with you on holiday. Fortunately, Wyatt’s minibuses have plenty of room for all your suitcases and bags. With sizeable “super-boots”, you don’t need to worry about having to leave anything at home. We can fit in pushchairs, prams, children’s car seats, and golf clubs too. 

Save money 

When deciding between airport transfer and drive yourself, which is better may largely depend on which is cheaper. After all, you’ll no doubt prefer to spend your money on drinks at the bar rather than on getting to the airport! In many cases, airport minibus hire in Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham works out cheaper since you won’t need to pay for petrol or parking your car. 

Hiring a minibus for your group is less expensive than everyone travelling to the airport independently. Don’t underestimate the cost of parking several vehicles in an airport car park. Prices can be steep, especially if you’re leaving them there for several weeks. Usually, it’s much more cost-effective to hire a minibus and split the cost between your group. 

Are there any benefits to driving to the airport?

Driving yourself to the airport is an option, especially if you want to be in control of when and how you get there. However, it’s important to recognise that there’s a lot that can go wrong when driving to the airport. Not only do you risk getting lost if you’re not local to the area but you might even break down. This can cause you serious delays and could potentially stop you from getting there in time to catch your flight. 

Aside from the stress and worry driving to the airport can bring, it can also be costly if you need to pay to park your car for weeks on end. Choosing airport minibus hire is a much more convenient and affordable option. At Wyatt’s, there’s nothing we enjoy more than helping our customers start their holidays in total style.

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When it comes to airport transfer or drive yourself, which is better is clear. Airport transfers make getting to the airport to catch your flight far easier and less stressful, allowing you to enjoy the start of your holiday rather than spending it worrying. 

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