The benefits of sports team minibus hire

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When playing in any sports team, it’s likely you will need to travel to play in different games, tournaments and leagues up and down the country. Whilst your focus should rightly be on your sport, getting to all these different locations can be bothersome and a source of stress. This is why hiring a minibus is an excellent choice – organised transportation can be a load off your mind whilst also giving you time to boost team spirit and talk tactics with everyone right before the game. Here are some of the reasons Wyatt Coaches’ minibus hire is a great option for your sports team.  

Hassle free

One of the top benefits of hiring a minibus for transporting your sports team is that it takes the stress out of the journey. Causes for concern when driving to an unfamiliar place can include getting lost and turning up late, but it shouldn’t be the journey that makes you sweat! Our experienced and reliable drivers will ensure you arrive at your destination in good time, focused and ready to go. Furthermore, especially with bigger teams, it can be hard to coordinate all players’ arrivals; with a minibus for the whole group, you can guarantee everyone will be there together.

Cost effective

Most sports teams won’t require you to be frequently travelling to other locations. In this case, it just isn’t cost effective for you to buy a minibus for relatively few trips. Additionally, if your sport has an off-season, you run the risk of the bus falling into disrepair in between seasons. Another option is public transport, but this is notoriously unreliable, often expensive and a lot less convenient. Hiring a minibus is therefore a perfect solution: the dependable usage of a bus and driver but without a hefty price tag.


An uncomfortable, stressful journey won’t leave you in the best state to go ahead and perform your best in a match. Wyatt Coaches’ minibuses are checked regularly to make sure they are all in great condition and running smoothly, ensuring you have an enjoyable journey. Our fleet contains buses with luxury seats, reclining seats and air conditioning so you can have a pleasant and relaxing journey, getting you in a good frame of mind before a game and allowing relaxation afterwards.  


As touched upon in our previous point, we can offer you a wide variety of minibuses in different sizes and according to your needs and price range. With all of our buses, you are guaranteed a hassle free, safe and trustworthy service with a friendly driver. However, you can also choose a bus with additions such as air conditioning and luxury seats for optimum comfort, a dvd player for entertainment on long journeys, or tables if you want to set up a laptop or have a bite to eat on the way. Furthermore, if members of your team have disabilities, we are proud to offer buses which are fully wheelchair accessible or that have easy access with low, manageable steps.

Minibus with driver


Wyatt Coaches provide high quality, reliable minibuses for hire with experienced professional drivers. Based in Barnsley, our coaches can comfortably transport you to destinations across the UK, from simple airport runs to big days out, sports team transportation, weddings and more. For further information on our buses, journey quotes or general enquiries, get in touch with our team today – we will be more than happy to help you.