What to Bring on a Long Coach Ride

Last month, the Wyatt Coaches team covered how to entertain yourself on a long coach journey, offering solutions from music to meditation. This month, in a similar vein, we’ll be providing you with a list of what essentials you’ll need to bring.

On a coach journey, despite the urge to do otherwise, it’s always best to travel light. The storage room you’ll have around your seat will be limited, so we would suggest taking something like a rucksack. So, with this in mind, you’ll have to think hard about what you decide to take with you. Here are our suggestions.

Something to drink

Unless you want to be needing the loo every fifteen minutes, it’s best not to drink too much; however, that said, hydration is absolutely essential on a long journey, so make sure that you bring some water with you!

Something to eat

While not quite as vital on a journey as staying hydrated, having something to eat in your bag is great for when hunger strikes. On top of this, tucking into a snack can be a great boredom killer, too, so take some treats with you.

Some entertainment

For both long and short journeys, having some form of entertainment lined up to combat boredom is an excellent use of rucksack space. Whether it’s a book, tablet or simply your phone, make sure you’ve thought about what you want to do to make the hours fly by. If you’re struggling for ideas, take a look at our suggestions from last month.


We’ve already had the hottest May bank holiday on record, so it’s time to start thinking about anti-UV measures for the summer ahead. With the window panels on the coach only intensifying the sun’s glare, we’d definitely suggest bringing a pair of sunglasses with you, just in case this starts to bother you!

Hand sanitiser

If you’re someone who likes to keep their hands clean at all times, hand sanitiser is essential. Especially useful for after your snack, this little bottle can help you stay germ-free while on the road.

A travel pillow

For some, long journeys are all about catching up on some much needed sleep. If this sounds like you, then we suggest you bring a travel pillow with you. For the most travel-friendly option, you can get an inflatable pillow.


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