Britain’s Worst Roads

Britain – the birthplace of the world’s greatest playwright, the home of the world’s greatest health service, and the pioneer of the world’s greatest meal: the humble baked bean on toast.

However, one thing Britain is most certainly not world-renowned for is having high-quality roads. In fact, Britain now ranks 27th in the world for road quality, lower than Oman, Chile and Peru. It’s no wonder the UK Highways receive thousands of complaints each year about their roads. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the worst roads from all across the UK.

Worst roads for… potholes

Potholes – the head-jolting, car-damaging, expletive-provoking craters, are a common sight for most British drivers. They’re certainly a common sight for the residents of Balderstone in Lancashire.

The Mellor Brook Bypass road in this northern civil parish has been dubbed ‘Britain’s worst road for potholes’ after it garnered a whopping 545 complaints to the council in a single year.

Worst roads for… traffic

Incessant queueing is something that is quintessentially British, and queuing in our vehicles is no exception. Are you really British if you haven’t sat in a traffic jam, going 1mph, loudly complaining in your head that you’re going to miss the latest episode of Bake Off, all the while being way too nervous to actually honk your horn? This is a regular occurrence for almost every Brit out there, and is exacerbated by some of the poor highway systems around the country.

The A406 Northbound from Chiswick Roundabout to Hangar Lane in Ealing, London was the most congested road in Britain in 2016, with drivers losing a staggering 73 hours a year to traffic.

Worst roads for… collisions

Serious collisions in the UK have been steadily decreasing over the past couple of years. Cars continue to improve their safety features, and the government continue to improve the highways where they can. With the introduction of self-driving cars slowly coming to fruition, only time will tell whether technology’s newest innovation can create the revolutionary impact in road collision prevention that many are hoping for. Until then, we can certainly look to improve our roads.

One road which patently needs improving is the A3055: the junction with A3054 in Freshwater to the junction with A3054 in Ryde. Over the past decade, this road has unfortunately stood out as being a nation leader in road traffic accidents. Between 2010 and 2015, this stretch of road was home to a total of 67 fatal or serious crashes.

Current worst road

Despite the above efforts, only one road can be crowned as Britain’s worst. That unwelcome title goes to Oldham Road in Manchester. Oldham Road received an unprecedented 741 complaints last year, due to a combination of potholes, long repair works, traffic congestion, damage to kerbs, and unclear road markings. It is for this reason Wyatt Coaches have awarded it the ‘Worst Road in Britain’ title.

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