Checklist of things to consider before going on a backpacking trip

Backpacking will offer a rich experience for any traveller, though it may take someone more adventurous to undertake this endeavour. It is not necessary to be a student to go backpacking, though it is an experience which is often associated with a year out at University or post-graduation. In any case, backpacking will offer unparalleled thrills and the possibility to experience things which are not quite as readily available with more planned and thought out holidays.

Planning is still required, however. There is a huge amount of improvisation involved when you are going backpacking but some aspects will still need at least a modicum of planning. No planning at all will likely spell disaster, like finding yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere without anything to drink, or being unable to navigate due to the lack of a map, phone or other everyday necessity.

It is therefore important to know what you will take on your backpacking holiday well in advance, so you can avoid any unpleasant situation which could occur. Issues like weight and size always play a part of course, particularly if you are planning to travel long distances without stopping anywhere. Ultimately, it is important to know at least something about your itinerary, like whether the roads are safe to travel and some of the local customs in case you will have to stop at a local village.

Here, we will give some advice on the ten top things to take when backpacking anywhere. If you are serious about backpacking you will likely not want to miss this information out.

1 – Appropriate Clothing
Knowing where you are travelling to is essential. In most parts of the world the weather varies greatly, so taking a bit of everything is helpful. Don’t take clothing which is too fashionable and always bear in mind the practical aspect.

2 – Toiletries & Toilet Paper
Despite planning your itineraries there will come a time when the unexpected strikes. It is difficult to plan every variable in your trip, and taking care of your most basic needs is always a must in any trip.

3 – Canned Food
Too much canned stuff will weigh your pack down, and will slow you unnecessarily. However, it is wise to take at least some canned food and snacks with you, so that if you are stuck in a particularly uncivilised part of the world you will at least have a full belly.

4 – Swiss Knife

A very useful item to take with you in any backpacking trip, no matter where in the world. Do not underestimate it.

5 – First Aid
Taking care of yourself is of prime importance, and you won’t know if there are doctors or clinics nearby. Bandages and pain-killers are always useful, regardless of where you are going to. Disinfectants and insect sprays are also useful.

6 – Comfortable Sleeping Bag
Take your best pillow and the best bag you can find, as a good night’s sleep is essential.

7 – Comfortable Shoes
Sandals, boots or Wellingtons are recommended (depending on location) and will make the difference between travelling unscathed for miles, or having to stop every 100 metres or so.

8 – Small Cooking Equipment
Just a small kit or stove should be useful, and this will go nicely with whatever canned goods you packed.

9 – Water supplies
Bottles of water are absolutely essential, no matter how much they may weigh you down. Remaining hydrated and sleeping properly during your backpacking trip are two things you want to do no matter what.

10 – Your Documents! (Keep them Safe)
Hardly a joke, as many backpackers find they’ve misplaced their essential documents, leaving themselves stranded in a foreign country. Pack everything you need and keep your documents safe in a waterproof folder.

We hope you’ve found these tips useful and will keep them in mind on your next backpacking trip. If you require a coach in Barnsley, whether it’s to get you started on your next exciting journey or just to take a coach trip elsewhere in the UK, Wyatt Coaches are on hand with efficient and reliable services.