Holiday Checklist: Preparing for a Holiday Abroad

holiday checklist

So the date of your holiday is fast approaching and you can almost feel the heat of the tropical sun tanning your skin, soaking up the last of the summer sun before Autumn returns in earnest, but unfortunately, you’re not quite there just yet; before you get there, you’ll have to plan for your holiday accordingly, which is why in this article we’ll be laying out just how you should prepare for your holiday abroad.

Visas and Vaccinations – Researching Your Holiday Destination

Depending on the country you’re jetting off to, you may have to apply for a visa to enter the country. Some countries, such as the US, will provide you with tourist visas on the plane to fill out, but others may be more complex. Research this beforehand to avoid any mishaps.

Equally, you will also have to find out whether you require any vaccinations for the country that you intend to holiday in. Poorer countries or countries in an entirely different climate to our own may be more hospitable to diseases that you will need to be vaccinated against, such as yellow fever or diphtheria. Moreover, the Foreign Office may also recommend that you have your booster immunisations before going to some countries, but your GP will be able to provide more information on the specifics in this regard.

Change Your Currency

While some banks offer excellent transfer rates for withdrawing cash from foreign ATMs, others may not be so forgiving, and you may not want to take the risk of relying solely on cash machines for your source of holiday currency. Shop around before you go and make sure that you have enough money (and in the correct currency!) to get you through the entirety of your holiday.

Appropriate Clothing

In the couple of weeks before your holiday, it might be worth checking the weather of your holiday destination so that you can pack the appropriate clothing for your trip, particularly if your vacation takes place outside of the summer period or in generally colder climes. Be sure to weigh your suitcase before getting to the airport, too – you don’t want to end up with hefty fines for being over the limit.

Remember Your Passports!

There’s nothing worse than missing your flight because you misplaced your passport, but luckily you can avoid this headache with careful planning. Dig out your passports from their hiding place well before your trip to ensure that both your own and your family’s passports haven’t expired and then keep them close. Never let them out of your mind, and remember to double check that you have them with you before leaving home!

Book Your Airport Transfer

Not only does driving to the airport leave you open to vast car parking charges, it can also leave you tired and stressed both before and after your trip. Holidays are supposed to be about relaxation from the get-go, so why not book an airport transfer service that you can rely on: book with Wyatt Coaches.

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