How to Organise a Successful Corporate Day


A ‘corporate day’ can refer to a variety of different types of event. From team-building exercises to product launches, a corporate day can be considered as any occasion that has been specifically organised for business purposes.

This article is going to focus on the most common type of corporate day: team activity days. These events involve employees collectively taking part in some sort of task for the purposes of developing character, improving cooperation and learning to overcome certain workplace issues. Today we’re going to give you some tips for organising a successful corporate day that will enhance the qualities of your employees and business (and have a fun day out!)

Travel somewhere new

It is important for your corporate day to leave a lasting impression on your employees; a corporate day that garners no more than a fleeting memory will have no practical use for the future.

For a memorable experience, we recommend travelling somewhere outside your local area. This will set the day apart from other, local experiences that your employees may have recently had. Hiring a minibus or coach can be a great way to facilitate this journey. A minibus or coach will bring you to a new destination efficiently, while also keeping everyone together at one time. If you’re travelling a relatively long distance, make practical use of the collectiveness by initiating discussions between your group.

Focus on goals

What do you want your employees to achieve from this day? Building character and promoting teamwork can be beneficial, but you should also consider how the skills they learn during a corporate day will directly impact their day-to-day working lives. If you are aware of a specific difficulty that your job entails (e.g. a particularly stressful job), try to plan activities that best help to combat this.

When planning events, keep in mind everyone’s strengths and weaknesses

Try to avoid activities that are physically strenuous. Employees with inferior physical fitness to others may be at a disadvantage and feel insecure as a result. You want to ensure the activity you choose helps to build character — not break it down. Plan an activity that everyone can get involved in, irrespective of physical capacity.

Use a coach or minibus for travel

Hire out a coach or minibus (depending on party size) to keep the group together. Banding together is vitally important; it strengthens the idea that everyone is a team and it opens up the opportunity for new friendships or working relationships to form. Journeying on a coach or minibus will often prompt conversation and consequently aid in the formation of these new friendships.

Have a contingency plan!

Sometimes events can get cancelled or postponed for whatever reason, so it’s always a good idea to have a back up plan in place. Hiring a coach or minibus will be helpful if your plans do go awry, as you won’t have to worry about organising transport for the alternative destination.

Here at Wyatt Coaches, we’ve been facilitating the smooth journey of various corporate days for over 15 years. We understand how a coach or minibus can play a vital role in the day’s success, and we offer a range of different sized vehicles to accommodate. To enquire further, give our friendly team a call today.