Is it cheaper to get married abroad?

Are you looking to cut the cost of your wedding day? If so, you might be wondering “Is it cheaper to get married abroad?” This is a common question asked by couples who are keen to slash the price of their nuptials. Overseas weddings have grown more popular in recent years. With as many as 25% of Brits choosing to tie the knot in another country. Read on to find out more. 

Are overseas weddings cheaper? Top 5 wedding day tips

There’s some research to suggest that marrying abroad can be cheaper than in the UK. According to the 2018 National Wedding Survey by, the average cost of an overseas wedding stands at £14,200. This is significantly cheaper than the £30,000 it costs on average in the UK. These statistics show that you could pay under half of the cost of a UK wedding by getting hitched abroad. 

However, keep in mind that marrying overseas doesn’t automatically mean it’ll cost you less. In fact, in some cases, it could actually work out more expensive. The main factor that leads to weddings abroad being less expensive is that there are usually fewer guests attending. This can seriously slash the price of the wedding. 

Of course, if you’re marrying overseas and plan on inviting just as many people as you would have done in the UK, you can expect it to be costlier. With more family members seemingly happy to hop on a plane to celebrate their loved ones tying the knot, it’s not unusual to host a destination wedding with more than 100 guests.

Naturally, some overseas destinations are cheaper than others to get married. According to research by Angelic Diamonds, the cheapest countries for weddings are Thailand, Russia, Turkey, Sweden, Mexico, Jamaica, Finland and Portugal. Whilst Mauritius and Las Vegas are the top wedding destinations in the world, they don’t come cheap. 

What wedding costs do I need to budget for?

Whether you’re marrying in the UK or abroad, there are various costs you’ll need to budget for when planning your big day. Like-for-like venues abroad are often cheaper to hire compared with the UK, and they also tend to offer much more spectacular scenery and backdrops and wedding packages. You’ll also find that your budget stretches further when it comes it comes catering abroad. 

On the other hand, you’ll also need to consider travel and accommodation costs when booking a wedding abroad. Flights overseas can be costly, especially if you’re jetting off to a far-flung destination like Thailand or the Maldives, and you’ll need to book longer hotel stays than if you were staying in the UK to get married. Costs for an overseas wedding can include:

  • Flights
  • Transfers
  • Hotel and accommodation
  • Food and drinks throughout your stay
  • Destination photographer 
  • Possible travel expenses for suppliers

What else do I need to budget for?

As well as budgeting for these costs, you will also have to pay for usual wedding expenses such as the dress, groom’s suit, flowers and décor.

Exclusive, highly desirable wedding destinations like Lake Como can be costly places to tie the knot, coming with a price tag that would make your eyes water. So, whilst an overseas wedding can be cheap in some cases, the costs can quickly rack up. 

There’s a lot to think about besides cost when deciding whether to marry abroad. One of the biggest factors is how many guests you can invite to your special day. Some family and friends may not be able to come if they’re unable to get the time off work or can’t afford the flight and accommodation costs. This can mean missing out on having important people there to celebrate with you. Planning an overseas wedding can be challenging too, with plenty of logistics and planning required to ensure the day goes smoothly from start to finish. 

Minibusses for Weddings RotherhamWedding transport in Barnsley

If you do decide to get married in the UK, it’s likely you’ll be looking to arrange wedding transport. Booking wedding transportation not always ensures the bride and groom get to the church on time but that the guests get there too. Knowing that everyone will be where they need to be on the day can put your mind at rest and really reduce your stress levels. Since weddings can be very expensive affairs, it’s important to look for cost-effective wedding transport in Barnsley. One of the most economical transport options is a luxury coach.  

Luxury coaches are increasingly being used for weddings in the UK. Catering for up to 16 passengers, they allow large groups of guests to travel together. This is ideal for weddings where you need everyone to arrive on-site at the ceremony and reception venues. Travelling via coach together also gives your whole party a chance to mingle and get to know each other before the wedding has even commenced. 

Booking a coach for your wedding transport in Barnsley also reduces the risk of parking problems at your venue. Whilst some venues have large car parks, some will struggle to accommodate all your guests’ vehicles, which can potentially lead to them parking in prohibited or inappropriate areas. By hiring a wedding coach to take your friends and family to the venue, you won’t need a big parking area. The coach driver will transport them directly to the door of the venue, providing a highly convenient service. 

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