Minibus Travel: What’s the Best Seat?

If you’ve ever been on a school coach journey as a child, you will remember that the back of the bus was the most sought-after place to enjoy the trip. Well, to some at least. If you weren’t particularly fussed about bus seat politics, then the seat with the most leg room was the one to shoot for.

Having a favourite seat isn’t just for children, though, and it’s not about establishing social hierarchies, either. More than anything, it’s about finding a place where you will feel comfortable for the next hour or two. So, in this article, we will take a look the various places you could sit on a coach and discuss the their individual benefits.

The front

Sitting at the front of the coach has its perks. A seat at the front of the coach means that you will be the first off when you stop for a rest break, a benefit which certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. What’s more, if you are prone to travel sickness, forward facing views could really help; having the horizon in clear view can help your body maintain a sense of balance and, ultimately, stop any unwanted nausea before it starts.

The back

The Promised Land for “cool kids”, but is the back of the bus really worth it? If you ever felt deprived of those seats as a child, then now’s your chance to experience them. Nostalgia aside though, there are some nice benefits to being at the back. Firstly, if you’re in a group of, say, four or five, having the back to yourself can be a nice way for all of you to sit together and remain chatting. It’s also quite a good for parents to keep an eye on their kids!

Window seats

For many people, travel is therapeutic. It’s often hard to pin down exactly why this is the case, but we’re pretty sure that it’s got something to with watching the world go by. If you secure a window seat on your coach journey, this is exactly what you get to do. However, you will have to find a member of your group who’s willing to sit in an aisle seat.

Table seats

If you’re on a particularly long journey and you want to get some work done, watch a film or play some games on your phone, table seats are great. However, if you don’t want to do any of these things and have no other option but to awkwardly avoid catching the eyes with the person sat opposite you, these seats are best avoided.

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