Pimp My Ride: Coach Edition

Minivans are a useful vehicle for travelling to events in a large group, and more often than not that’s about all they provide; safety and seating for getting from A to B. However, some coach enthusiasts are going further, completely renovating their minivans or coaches into moving homes and luxury transport!

We’ve searched the internet for some of the most elaborate coach conversions around – check out what we found below.

Luxury Mobile Home

So this might not exactly be a conversion, but Ashton Kutcher’s mobile estate and home when filming on-set is too crazy to miss!


The mega 30 tonne mobile home features two floors with a bathroom on each one, a fully fitted kitchen, and a reported seven plasma TVs. All this (slightly unnecessary) luxury can be anyone’s for a whooping $2million, perhaps one of the most expensive homes-on-wheels out there?

Converted Coach

This 45 foot long coach may not look like much from the outside – but the interior is nothing but top-quality glamour. The coach was completely renovated from it’s original purpose and converted into a luxurious mobile home, with expensive granite counters, gold bathroom fixtures and opulent soft furnishings.



With this sort of glamour, you’d be right for thinking you’d wandered into a Las Vegas hotel!

Outdoors Adventure Van

This minibus looks perfect for escaping to the beach or countryside for a long weekend, and has been cleverly pimped out to utilize all available spaces. It includes plenty of storage space, a bed, and even a bike and surf rack making it easy to jump in and head out for a weekend of extreme sports.

Posh Minibus


The Mercedes-Benz Brabus Sprinter X van shows what a luxury minivan can truly look like, with sleek modern interior and cool technology keeping this one of the most innovative designs out there. The van seats 7, with four business conference seats with integrated massage functions and  built-in nespresso makers – now that’s the kind of business trip we’d like to be a part of!

Converted Minibus


These designers converted an old minibus designed to seat 12 passengers into a beautiful motorhome – suitable for short or even long term living! The bus was entirely stripped and refitted to include plumbing, power and sleeping quarters, all decorated for a beautiful homely feel.

Here at Wyatt Coaches we’ve got the best coaches of all: simple, original, transportation. We may not have transformed our minibuses into mobile homes, but our vehicles are always running at their highest quality, ensuring we can transport you to your destination safely and with the best service possible.

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