Planning a hen do

Whilst the wedding day itself is what brides look forward to the most, the hen do is a close second. Since celebrating their last days of freedom with their friends is such a special event, plenty of time and effort should go into making sure it’s a big success. Read on for our top tips on planning a hen do that your friend will remember for many years to come. 

Communicate with the bride 

Don’t make the mistake of planning the hen do behind the bride’s back. While it might feel like you’re doing a nice thing taking care of everything without her, it’s important to find out what she envisions for this special event. What are her preferences for the location, activities, and guest list? Understanding her wishes can help you to plan a celebration that she’ll truly love. You can always add a few unexpected surprises to the event if you choose.

Pick the perfect venue Mini Bus Hire for Hen night

Choosing the right venue for the hen do is essential. Consider the bride’s preferences, even if you’d rather go somewhere different. Whether it’s a quiet and cosy weekend at a cottage, a fun night out in a city or a destination getaway, it should align with what the guest of honour wants. When choosing the location, make sure it’s convenient for the majority of guests. Make sure you consider how easy it is for everyone to get there. You should find out how many guests the bride wants to invite and ensure the venue can comfortably accommodate this.

Choose a great theme

Choosing a theme for a hen do can add a real sense of fun to the occasion. We recommend consulting with the bride regarding the theme, as she may have some ideas in mind already. She may wish to incorporate her favourite movie, band, hobby, or destination into the event. If she’s a fan of Sex and the City, why not dress up as Carrie and the gang? Or if she’s Marvel-mad, perhaps you could dress up as her favourite superheroes? 

Set a budget

Setting a budget is hugely important when planning a hen do. Not only does it prevent overspending, which is easily done when planning such a fun event, but it can allow you to determine how much each guest should pay and ensure the financial burden is distributed evenly. Try to make sure that the cost is reasonable and comfortable for guests. Keep in mind that not everyone will be in the same financial position. Some hens will be able to afford more than others, so try to choose a budget that works for everyone.

Get the guest list approved

One of the best tips we can give you for planning a hen do is to get the guest list approved before you start inviting people. The bride will probably have a good idea of who she wants there and who she’d rather not attend. You don’t want to invite someone she’s had a big fall-out with or forget to invite her work bestie. Formulate a list with the bride before you start inviting people.  

Choose activities wisely 

Choosing activities for a hen do can be a really fun part of the process. However, as with many other aspects of the event, we recommend consulting with the bride before you book them. Perhaps she already has some ideas in mind or she is set against certain activities (not everyone is a fan of strippers!). To ensure that all guests can participate and enjoy themselves, we advise choosing a mix of activities that suit different interests and energy levels. Opting for both relaxing and adventurous activities can be a good idea. For example, you could plan to do a painting class followed by drinks and dancing. Making sure there’s a good mix of activities can be the key to a successful hen party.

MinibusConsider booking transport

Don’t forget to think about transport when planning a hen do. If your chosen location isn’t within easy reach, some of your guests may find it difficult to get there or possibly even be able to attend at all. Hiring a transport provider like a coach hire company can provide a comfortable and stress-free travel experience for your whole group. By arranging transport, you can enable everyone to travel together and ensure that no one misses the event.

Coach hire for hen do’s 

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We can provide comfortable transport for your whole group, ensuring you all get to the hen party destination safely and on time. Our prices for coach hire are some of the most competitive in South Yorkshire. This means you don’t need to worry about paying over the odds for our services. Choosing coach hire for hen do transport can undoubtedly be one of the more affordable options. 

Contact us 

Planning a hen do becomes so much easier with the help of a reliable transport provider. For hen party or wedding transport in Barnsley, get in touch with the Wyatt Coaches today. You can reach us by phoning 01226 979026 or by sending a message via the form on our website. We’re on hand to discuss your requirements with you and provide you with a competitive quote for our coach hire service.