Planning a hen do

For any bride-to-be the big day itself is one of the most important things in their life, with love and romance at the centre of the special day. But there is also the hen party to look forward to – it needs to be something they remember for years to come as they celebrate their last days of freedom with their friends.

That’s why we have put together a short checklist to help get you started when planning a hen do. Every bride is different so there is no set template; just make sure you show your soon to be married friend the time of her life!


Whether you discuss with other friends of the bride or make an executive decision yourself the venue is key to what you’re planning. If you’re planning afternoon tea then you’ll be visiting a very different venue to anywhere you might visit if you have raunchier plans.

If you know that the people invited can afford something a little more lavish you might even have plans to go abroad. In any case you need to consider you transport arrangements in advance, this includes transport to venues and mini buses to and from the airport.


You can go as minimal or over the top as you like when it comes to the theme of you hen do. Many people choose to make the Hen the centre piece by dressing them up, but for the group involvement you might consider other themes such as super hero costumes or even nicknamed t-shirts.

There is a whole industry based around the theme of the wedding but why not splash out and theme the hen do too? Take into account anything your bride likes, for example, if she’s a fan of Sex and the City you could go as Carrie and the gang.

Guest list

You might want to discuss the amount of people you are going to invite to the party as you could have a small, close-knit group of friends, or the bride might want to celebrate with all her female friends, relatives and even work colleagues. Be sure to get the list approved first though, you don’t want to invite her boss if they don’t get along and make sure the activities you plan are appropriate for the guests you invite!


With the guest list in mind you can plot specific activities, is your friend a lady of leisure? Would she prefer to go out on an all-day shopping spree or pamper session, or might she be the kind of girl who wants a male stripper to help her celebrate the final hours of unmarried life?

If you’re planning to invite family or younger guests then plan something fun and active for everyone like a day out at a theme park or holiday resort where you can indulge in everything from spa treatments to paintballing.

Whatever you plan for your bride to be, just make sure you get her to the church on time and don’t do anything to scare her off the idea of marriage! Show her a good time and let her indulge in the things she loves in preparation for the big day. It will help with the nerves and provide some classic memories.

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