Planning Your Wedding In Advance

Your wedding should be a day to remember, with memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.  But as you’ll no doubt be aware, there is a risk of it consuming you in the planning stages before you even get close to your big day. Here we’ve provided you with a simple guide to the main things you should be doing in the 12 month countdown to your wedding day.

12 Months To Go

At this point you should be thinking about how much you and your partner have to spend on the big day. Start to draw up a plan of how much you’d like to spend on what and think about the time of year you’d like to hold your wedding.

11 Months To Go

Dream venues are hard to come by sometimes and every bride wants her wedding to be held in the perfect setting. It’s better to book in a venue as soon as possible as this will help you set a firm date for the wedding itself.

Outdoor Party

10 Months To Go

Around this time you should be choosing your dress as well as the bridesmaid’s dresses. For many brides this can be one of the most exciting moments, just don’t let the groom see you wearing it before the big day arrives!

9 Months To Go

It may seem like you’ve got quite a long way to go but you should finalise your guest list around this time. The sooner you get this locked down the easier it will be to get your invitations out on time – just keep in mind the size of your venue in proportion to the number of guests.

8 Months To Go

Get your wedding stationery together around the 8 month mark (only once you’ve finalised your guest list!). This is also the best time to arrange for any hire equipment you might need at the venue, you don’t want to get closer to the day to find you haven’t got the chairs or decorations.

7 Months To Go

While you might be planning to arrive at the church in a stylish car, you might need to arrange a more practical transport solution for your family members if you’re planning on organising it for more than a handful of them. At Wyatt Coaches we offer professional wedding coach hire.

6 Months To Go

Now for the most indulgent part of the planning – the wedding cake. You’ll find yourself trying a portion of every kind of cake to find the right one. If you can afford you might even want to set on a cake designer to give you a bespoke creation on the day.


5 Months To Go

Choosing the rings can be a very personal thing, you can help each other choose the best ring or get a simple matching pair, either way, it’s about what the rings symbolise. If you’re hoping to get some good wedding presents then now might be the time to register for them so guests know what to pick up – it’s a very efficient way of getting those essential things you’ve wanted for your home.

4 Months To Go

When planning your wedding it’s not just the big day you have to account for, you’ll also want to plan your honeymoon and any stag/hen parties you intend to have. How much budget you have set aside for each will decide how extravagant these events will be, just make sure you get them booked in early.

3 Months To Go

While the women will have had their dresses sorted out weeks ago the men will probably need less time to decide what they’ll wear. It’s still important to ensure groomsmen are matching that all the outfits fit properly so this is as good a time as any to get this locked in.

2 Months To Go

Remember all that preparation you did getting the guest list perfected? Now is the time to send out your invitations, you’ll then start to get your replies so that you can plan for your seating arrangements.

1 Month To Go

There is still a full month left to go before the big day and there will no doubt be lots of little things which need to be taken care of. This is the time to make your minor adjustments and ensure everything is in place for the day. If you have a lot of guests coming you might want to give them some transport options, for this the wedding coach hire at Wyatt Coaches is ideal for groups of family and friends intending to travel to the same place.

If you’d like more information about our wedding coach service simply contact us today and we’ll help you to take care of transportation of your guests on the big day.