Pros & Cons of Marrying Abroad

wedding abroad

There are many things to consider when planning your wedding; hen and stag do’s, bridal and groom attire, themes, transport, and not least of all the venue for the whole event. A recent report shows that increasing numbers of couples are looking further afield when planning their big day, with 16% of couples choosing to marry abroad.

Here at Wyatt Coaches, we see a lot of weddings – from our stag and hen do minibuses to our wedding day coach hire – and we know just how important it is to couples to have the perfect day. We’ve compiled some of the pros and cons of choosing to host your wedding day abroad instead of on home ground.





No one wants to deal with rain and wind on their wedding day, and by going abroad you’re upping your chances of a sunny day – you could even have an outdoors ceremony without having to worry so much about the unpredictable British weather.

Smaller Ceremony

If as a couple you’re not keen on the idea of a huge wedding with dozens of guests, going abroad means it’s more acceptable to just invite a handful of those closest to you to celebrate the day with. This does work both ways however and could lead to some disappointed relatives – see cons.

Less Cost

It’s common for guests to purchase their own tickets to a wedding abroad, and supplying meals for considerably less people will dramatically reduce the cost of a wedding! Moreover, oversea wedding venues often supply a set-priced package, giving you less room for overspending and more time to plan other details.

Exotic Setting

Sometimes the standard wedding can become monotonous, with a full summer of weddings all blending into one. Going abroad will ensure the event is memorable for all involved, whilst also allowing you to see a new location, spend time with loved ones away from home, and sample exotic food and culture.

Honeymoon Wedding

You can have your wedding day and honeymoon rolled into one, so that once you’ve been married, you’re already in the perfect setting to relax and enjoy your first few days as newlyweds. Bear in mind though, this will mean that any guests that came along with you will also been on your honeymoon with you!




Missing Guests

Travelling further afield for your big day is inevitably going to mean that the event will need to be smaller than one back at home. Having to shell out for plane tickets may discourage those more strapped for cash, whilst elderly relatives may be unable to travel at all. Be prepared to disappoint some people by going abroad and reducing the size of the wedding, and think carefully first is it bothers you and your partner that some people will not make it to your day.

Less Control

Back home, you’ll be able to plan every last detail of the wedding if you desire as it will all be on your doorstep. Be ready to give up a great deal of control over the day by going abroad however, as organising from overseas and with a language barrier will prove difficult to maintain. You will have to put your trust in the venues wedding planner and have faith that they will deliver the perfect ceremony – if you need total control over everything, you may need to rethink going so far afield.


Different countries have different regulations regarding the paperwork for a marriage – consider that you may have to take more time and fork out a little more for this when abroad, or alternatively decide if you mind officially marrying before you leave the UK.

Whatever you decide, here at Wyatt Coaches we’re on hand to make the big day that little bit less stressful. We can provide wedding coaches to transport guests to a venue at home, or offer premier minibus airport transfers to ensure that you and your guests make the flight to your dream wedding abroad.

Contact us today to discuss your needs, and we’ll be more than happy to help you with planning your big day.