Romantic Valentine’s Days Out for Couples

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought it would be fitting to highlight some of the best getaways and days out for couples throughout the UK. We understand that all couples are different and, as such, what might be fun for some might be a nightmare for others. In light of this, we’ll try and keep our suggestions as broad possible!

A cottage in The Cotswolds

According to Essential Travel, 11% of couples’ ideal Valentine’s getaway is a Country cottage. So, what better place to do this than The Cotswolds? From Evesham to Chipping Camden, The Cotswolds is the perfect place for long winter walks, romantic breakfasts in cafes and, of course, getting cosy by the fire.

This distinctly British getaway is chosen by couples every year and is, perhaps surprisingly to some, particularly popular amongst younger couples. This is largely because, due to their various social commitments, some isolation in a quaint, little town can be very appealing.

A city break

On the other end of the spectrum we have a city break which, according to the same survey, 26% of couples would like to have on Valentine’s Day. It’s not hard to see why: with a wealth of options when it comes to things to do, the gloomy February weather can easily be forgotten about. From meals out and cocktail bars to theatres and museums, you will never be stretched for things to do, and at the end of your night, you can crash out in a beautiful hotel suite with city views.

Go to a lovers’ labyrinth

Large hedge mazes in Britain are a wonderful attraction, often being featured in the great gardens of large castles. Although to us these mazes may simply scan as part art installation and part family attraction, these mazes actually had a different use in the 1700s: they served as a secret rendezvous points for young couples.

So, if you would like to capture some of this 18th century magic, why not take a trip to Leeds Castle? It’s well-manicured yew maze is the perfect spot for a Valentine’s day out,  and even has an exit through a romantic shell grotto!

A trip to the Lake District

For a slightly different take on Valentine’s Day, take a trip to the assuredly romantic Lake District. Regardless of what time of year you go, you can be secure in the knowledge it will look beautiful. From the rolling green hills, steep fells and crystal blue lakes, there’s no better place to go for the outdoorsy couple!


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