Tips for Surviving Overnight Coach Journeys

overnight coach journey

These days, it’s not too difficult to get yourself a cheap flight. However, if you really want to travel on the cheap, nothing compares to a coach journey through the night. What’s more, it’s a lot less stressful too; you won’t have to worry about airport queues or check-ins, just buy your ticket, get on the bus, and wait it out.

We understand it’s that last part that can be hard to negotiate, especially when you’re going to need to get some sleep during the journey. So, if you’ve booked an overnight bus but the thought of getting some kip is giving you anxiety, read on for some tips from the Wyatt Coaches team.

Get to the station early

If you’ve booked a ticket with a designated seat number, then this point doesn’t apply. However if, like most bus riders, you didn’t, then arriving at the bus station early will give you ample to time to find a seat which you’re happy with spending the next day in. You may be thinking that merely adds to the hours of waiting – but it will be worth it when you secure a window seat which is a safe distance from the onboard toilet!

Take some warm clothes

No one likes being too hot when they travel, and the coach companies know this. However, this often means that we have to endure icy waves from the air conditioning as a result. To ensure that you’re prepared for any eventuality when on your journey, make sure you’ve got a warm jumper or a blanket handy. Even if you don’t end up needing them to stay warm, they double as excellent pillows when bundled up.

Be careful with late night stops

Undoubtedly, just as you’ve nodded off, the vehicle will come to a halt and a flood-lit bus station will yank you from your slumber. However, before you leap off the coach to give you legs a well-deserved stretch, don’t forget to scan around your seat for any valuables. On top of this, once you’ve left the coach, take a mental note of a) exactly what the coach looks like, and b) exactly where it’s situated. The last thing you need is to get lost because you’re still drowsy.

Use Google Maps

Whether you’re feeling a little sleepy, engrossed in a film, or simply not paying enough attention, announcements regarding upcoming bus stops aren’t always easy to hear (or, if you’re in a foreign country, easy to understand). To combat this problem, if you feel as though you’re approaching your destination, open up Google Maps. This way, you’ll see how close you are to the city centre, and will save you some stress when it comes to working out your stop!


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