Top 10 hen do destinations abroad

Every hen dreams of her perfect wedding, but before they even get down the aisle they want a hen-do to match, giving them a final send off with their closest friends and family. Everyone has different tastes, but if your budget can stretch to a trip abroad there is something to please every hen.

Below we’ve picked our top 10 destinations for a hen-do abroad, with a whole host of classic locations and some you might not have thought of before.

Barcelona – A beautiful city with lots of historic places to visit, but most importantly there will be plenty of sun. Great deals can be had on flights and Spain is a cheap enough country in comparison with more exotic climbs.

Marbella – To guarantee sunshine in Spain then move further down the coast to Marbella, it’s in favour with the rich and famous and has the perfect luxury nightlife to provide what could be the greatest night out with the girls.

Las Vegas – It’s not just the boys who can enjoy the fun and mischief of Vegas. With an extended hen-do you can visit the Grand Canyon or gamble at the tables, just make sure you don’t lose the bride to a drive-thru wedding.

Dublin – As a classic destination which is right on the doorstep of England, Dublin is ideal if you can handle your drink. There is countryside and history to be taken in as well if you can prise yourself away from the bars.

Paris – If your bride-to-be is a fashion fiend then there is really nowhere better to have a hen-do that in Paris. During the day you can sightsee and indulge in some French cuisine while the evening presents a chance to attend the chic and funky bars.

Amsterdam – Famed for the weekend away, Amsterdam might be expensive for drinks but it offers a variety of activities from nude model drawing classes to canal cruises. You could easily find yourself having the best time of your life without having to travel far to find it.

Bodh Gaya – If you know your bride isn’t a party animal and is more into her travelling then this spiritual location in India is ideal. You can visit a variety of temples and the Great Buddha Statue. It will certainly be a trip to remember if your party can afford the journey.

Kyoto – Another trip which could be turned into an extended travelling opportunity, Kyoto in Japan offers tranquillity and tradition, along with shops and markets to allow you to enjoy both sides of the Japanese culture. Be warned however, Japan is expensive and so are flights, so this is only for those truly dedicated to the trip.

Reykjavik – Set amongst the ancient lava fields in Iceland, if you want a natural spa break there is nowhere better. You can let your worries roll away in the Blue Lagoon and the geothermal springs or take in the Northern Lights.

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