Our top 5 theme park recommendations for summer 2017

rollercoaster at theme park

As the days get longer and sunshine returns to the British Isles, the time has come for planning enjoyable spring and summer days out. For those who enjoy the thrill of a record-breaking roller coaster or those who want to have a fantastic family day trip, theme parks are the pinnacle of fun. We have put together a range of different theme park options, sure to cover something for everyone, that are our top choices for summer 2017.

Thorpe Park, Surrey

If you are a thrill seeker, Thorpe Park is likely to be the theme park at the top of your list this summer. Boasting some of the highest and fastest rides in Europe, many of the park’s roller coasters frequently make ‘top 10’ lists of the best rides in the UK. Thorpe Park’s big name rides are their primary draw, with plenty adrenaline-inducing options to fill a day trip. Their most recent addition – Derren Brown’s terror train experience – is one of the newest and most exciting big rides in the UK this season. Thorpe Park is best for teens and adults; younger children do have some options but adrenaline junkies are who this park caters to.  

Alton Towers, Staffordshire

As the UK’s favourite theme park, Alton Towers makes a fantastic day out for the whole family. Set on a huge site, which was formerly a house and grounds for nobility, Alton Towers is one of the most well-established and expansive theme parks in the UK. The scale of the park allows for a multitude of rides, from heart-racing roller coasters like Rita, Nemesis and Oblivion to the tot-friendly attractions in CBeebies Land.

If record-breaking rides are your thing, Alton Towers’ impressive offerings are some of the best in Europe; The Smiler, despite recent bad press, is in fact a world record holder for track inversions. Furthermore, if you have a young family there is still plenty to do – Alton Towers has something for everyone and you can easily spend several days there and still not see everything!

Legoland, Berkshire

If you have young kids, Legoland is an incredibly entertaining attraction which is sure to be  a hit. With the success of the Lego movies lately, this theme park has only gained in popularity and in their number of attractions. Legoland is targeted at children between 3-12 years old so don’t expect any white-knuckle roller coasters, but do expect a variety of engaging, enjoyable and exciting attractions and rides. Kids will relish an adventure filled day and the whole park is themed exceptionally well. The Miniland display of lego landmarks is marvellous and you can, of course, also learn about and build your own lego creations to your heart’s content.   

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Lancashire

The classic theme park destination, Blackpool Pleasure Beach still makes for a wonderful day out. Stretched across Blackpool promenade, there is an expanse of rides and top quality attractions to throw yourself into, suitable for children and adults alike. With a history spanning over 120 years and with 125 rides and attractions, this renowned park has solidified itself as a giant, unashamed entertainment haven of the UK.

As well as the abundant rides, roller coasters and sideshows, the impressive performances – such as Hot Ice, magicians and water spectacles – provide an additional level of entertainment. With no shortage of options, and all by the British seaside, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is timeless fun.

Chessington World of Adventures, Surrey

Chessington World of Adventures is much more than just a theme park – the park also includes a zoo and a sea life centre! For an all round entertainment experience and fabulous family day out, Chessington ticks all the boxes. In terms of rides, the park is geared towards children more than teens and up, but there are a few bigger rides to provide some thrills.

To spice up your escapade, you can visit some of the diverse range of animals that call the park home – from otters to ocelots and giraffes to jellyfish. The park lets you get up close and personal to many of the animals through Zufari, Amazu treetop adventure and some innovative enclosures. Offering a unique, adventure-filled, delightful day out, Chessington is a great experience. 


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