Top 5 wedding day tips

Planning your wedding day can be very exciting, yet it can also be extremely stressful! As the most important event of your life, you’ll want to ensure it’s perfect from start to finish. Read our top 5 wedding day tips to ensure your special day goes without a hitch.

Break your shoes in 

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Swollen feet and angry blisters are sure to put a dampener on your big day. So, rather than smiling through the pain as you enjoy your long-awaited first dance, we recommend breaking your shoes in. Wear them around the house in the days and weeks before the event. You could even sport them whilst you’re watching TV or arranging your table plan. 

Breaking in those incredible heels will help your feet to adapt, making you much more comfortable when the day arrives. If your feet do still give you some discomfort on your wedding day, swap into a pair of stylish yet comfy flats partway through the evening. 

Create a wedding playlist

Don’t underestimate the importance of music at your wedding reception. Not only does it showcase the personalities of you and your partner, but it helps to get everyone in the party spirit. Great music is sure to get everyone up on the dancefloor and having a brilliant time. We recommend creating a wedding playlist full of carefully selected tunes. 

As well as choosing your favourite songs from a variety of different genres, you may also want to ask for requests from your guests. You can do this by adding a line on the RSVPs card where they can suggest a track to be played at the reception. Doing this can ensure that there’s a real mix of music and that everyone has at least one song that’s guaranteed to get them on the dancefloor. If you do decide to ask for requests, make sure you send out the invites well in advance. This ensures that you have plenty of time to coordinate the music with your DJ. 

Don’t forget your bridal survival kit

Top 5 wedding day tips

You might think you and your other half are all that’s needed to ensure that your wedding day goes smoothly. However, most brides will tell you that’s not entirely true! A bridal survival kit containing everything from blotting papers and bobby pins to deodorant and perfume can ensure that you have everything you might need throughout the day. Typically, the chief bridesmaid keeps hold of the survival kit, making sure she has all the emergency supplies on hand.  

Grooms can also benefit from having a survival kit too. This should be filled with all the necessities you might need before walking down the aisle. For example, hair and beard essentials such as a hairbrush, hair gel or spray, shoe polish, and stain remover. Knowing that your survival kit is on hand can make you feel much more relaxed on your wedding day. 

Hire a photobooth

Wedding photobooths have become incredibly popular in recent years, and with good reason. Not only do they provide affordable entertainment for guests of all ages, but they allow you to capture special moments from your big day that will last forever. Photobooths catch your friends and family members at their most relaxed. This means the pictures and poses will be far more natural and authentic. This is in comparison to those taken by your professional photographer which is likely to be much more formal. You’re sure to look back on these fun photos in years to come and smile. 

Hire a minibus for guests

One of the top 5 wedding days tips is surely to hire a minibus for your guests. A luxury minibus chauffeured by an experienced driver is ideal for shuttling your friends and family members to the ceremony or reception venue. As well as ensuring that everyone arrives on time to watch you tie the knot, it’s also a great way for everyone to get to know each other. When your guests travel to the wedding together, they can mingle and break the ice before the event even begins. Minibus hire is also ideal if parking is limited at the venue if your guests will be travelling from further afield.  

Wedding minibus hire in Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham

At Wyatt Coaches, we offer wedding minibus hire in Barnsley, Doncaster, and Rotherham. Over the past 15 years, we’ve provided luxury transport for many people’s weddings, helping their loved ones get there on time and in real style. More and more couples are choosing us for minibus hire in South Yorkshire, so why not do the same? We’re professional, affordable, and above all, we’re dedicated to ensuring that your special day goes smoothly.

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Our fleet of 10 minibuses offers luxury transport that’s ideal for weddings of all sizes. With comfortable moquette seats, powerful heating and air conditioning, and state of the art entertainment systems, they’re guaranteed to provide an enjoyable journey for your guests. Our minibuses can cater to groups of up to 16 people, with many also providing plenty of space for wheelchairs. Whatever your requirements for wedding minibus hire, we’re confident that we can cater to them.

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