Wedding car ideas for your big day

The big day should be all about the happy couple and you should be able to select whatever kind of transportation you like to arrive at the wedding venue in, just as long as you aren’t late!

Here at Wyatt Coaches we’ve put together a range of unique as well as traditional forms of transport to use on your wedding day. Our choices are classy, wacky and will no doubt offer your day even more character.


A classic, the Bentley is the ultimate way to arrive in style, you get both the sophistication and the upper class association with a Bentley car. There are a range of cars available from Bentley including the Baby and the S2.

VW Camper

This vehicle is commonly associated with hippies, the sixties and the summer of love, so what better way for a young bohemian couple to arrive than in this historic van. There are a range of colours and sizes to choose from depending on what suits your theme so it pays to look around.


Another highly recognisable and well regarded vehicle, the Mini might not be to everyone’s taste or size but imagine arriving to your wedding venue in a trio of red, white and blue Minis. It will be an experience to remember that’s for sure!

Rolls Royce

Next to the Bentley the Rolls Royce is up at the top of every wish list when it comes to wedding transportation. This car needs little introduction as it’s almost an institution itself. You can get the classic look with the Silver Cloud or for something sharper you could use a Shadow.

Double Decker Bus

As a large vehicle, not many people would consider a double decker bus for wedding transportation, but that’s the beauty of it. A classic red bus adds something different to your wedding, just ensure the route to your venue has no low bridges.


When we say arrive on a motorbike, we don’t just mean any kind of motorbike, we mean a Harley Davidson or a chopper. Give your arrival some menace and growl but make sure you wear coveralls to keep dresses and suits clean.


Aside from the obvious classics such as the Bentley and the Rolls you could also get a cool classic car for a stylish arrival such as an MG, Colt, Cadillac or any other quintessential car you can get within your budget.

Golf buggy

Clearly you’ve got to be confident arriving in a golf buggy, but if you’ve only got a short distance to cover then why not? There is nothing excessive about this final vehicle, you’ll get a relaxed ride and golf lovers will love this extra touch in personalising the wedding.

Here at Wyatt Coaches we can provide an array of classic cars for wedding transport in Doncaster, helping you take one of life’s most important journeys in style. Simply contact us today to find out more about the options available to you.