What are the advantages of hiring a minibus?

Are you thinking of hiring a minibus for your next day out to get you to the airport when you go on holiday? If so, you’re not alone. Minibus hire is extremely popular for a range of occasions, from race days and corporate functions to stag and hen parties and weddings. If you’re wondering “What are the advantages of hiring a minibus?”, read on. 

Top 6 reasons to hire a minibus

There are so many reasons to hire a minibus rather than choosing an alternative form of transport such as a taxi or train or driving yourself. As well as allowing your whole group to travel together, there’s plenty of storage for your luggage and you’re likely to save a significant amount of money too. Keep reading to learn what are the advantages of hiring a minibus.

Allow your group to travel togetherMinibus Hire in Barnsley

A Wyatt’s minibus can hold up to 16 people, making it possible for large groups to travel together. You can travel to wherever you’re going with your friends and family, rather than journeying there in separate cars. Whether you’re heading to a race day, wedding or to the airport ready to catch a flight to sunnier climes, you can start enjoying yourself as soon as you’ve got on the bus. Our minibuses are very spacious, with lots of room for relaxing with your loved ones onboard.

Enjoy a comfortable journey

When you travel via minibus, you can expect to enjoy a comfortable journey to your destination. Our minibuses are equipped with the most up-to-date facilities, from luxury reclining seats to modern heating and air conditioning systems. We even have TVs and DVD players onboard too. Whilst the journey to an event or to the airport is often endured rather than enjoyed, it’s the exact opposite when you travel in one of our premium minibuses. We’ll transport you to where you’re going in style and comfort. 

You won’t be late

Lateness can certainly take some of the shine off of an event. This especially the case if you’re heading to a sports game, a wedding or an important business function. Fortunately, you’re unlikely to turn up after it’s started and miss key moments when you hire our minibus service. One of our highly experienced drivers will transport you to the venue quickly and safely, using their expert knowledge of the local routes to get you there with plenty of time to spare. All our vehicles are fitted with the latest sat-nav systems too, making wrong turns extremely unlikely. 

Save money on travel 

Hiring a minibus is one of the most affordable means of transport. This is because it can significantly reduce the price each of you needs to pay to get to your destination. Rather than forking out a fortune for everyone to get there via taxi or public transport like the train, you’ll pay a set price, with everyone chipping in a small amount. Minibuses are certainly one of the most cost-effective transport options for larger groups. At Wyatt’s, we’ve ensured that our prices for minibus hire are amongst the most competitive in the area. We aim to provide a real value for money service 

Costal runs in Barnsley

No need to park your car 

Another big advantage of hiring a minibus is that there’s no need to find a parking space for your car. This doesn’t just reduce the stress of getting parked when you head to a venue but it can also reduce the risk of you being late. It can save you money too, especially if you’d need to park your car for a lengthy period of time. The average cost of parking your car at the airport for a week is around £50. If several of your group are parking your cars, this can add up to a considerable amount of money. It really is a much more cost-efficient alternative to hire a minibus to transport your group there. 

Plenty of luggage storage 

If you’ll be travelling somewhere that requires you to take luggage such as suitcases, it’s well worth considering minibus hire. Our minibuses come with a wealth of storage thanks to our huge super boots, allowing your group to store several cases and bags with ease. You’ll also be able to take golf clubs, pushchairs, car seats, and any other items that you’ll need to take with you. Whether you’re heading on a staycation or you’re going to the airport to catch a flight overseas, let us assist you. We can transport you and all your luggage to your destination in an efficient manner.

Minibus hire in Rotherham

With so many advantages of hiring a minibus, it’s no surprise that our services are in high demand. At Wyatt’s, we provide professional and affordable minibus hire, assisting with days out, weddings, corporate events and airport runs in Rotherham. We’ve been providing minibus hire for many years, serving hundreds of customers throughout the area. Our minibuses can cater for up to 16 passengers, making them ideal for large groups. They are suitable for people who use wheelchairs too, allowing us to provide safe and comfortable travel to people of all needs.

Minibus hire provide a highly convenient, safe and affordable way to travel to your destination, so why not contact Wyatt’s today? We have luxury minibuses available to suit various needs and budgets.

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