What are the benefits of hiring a minibus for airport runs?

Will you soon be jetting off overseas? If so, you may be sorting out your transport to make sure you get to and from the airport easily and on time. Whilst it’s possible to drive there yourself, book a taxi, or even take catch the bus or train, many people find that hiring a minibus for airport runs is the best option. Airport minibus transfers in Barnsley, Doncaster, and Rotherham can seriously take the stress out of your trip, helping your journey to go so much more smoothly.

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Here are the biggest benefits of hiring a minibus for airport runs.

Less stressful 

Hiring a minibus for your airport transfers is much less stressful than other options. When you drive to the airport yourself, you not only need to make sure you get there on time, but you need to find somewhere to park your car. This can be challenging enough itself, with designated car parks often parked some distance away from the airport. Hiring a minibus with an experienced driver will take the stress away from you. You can sit back and relax whilst you’re taken directly to the airport terminal. 

You won’t get lost 

When you hire Wyatt’s Coaches for airport minibus transfers in Rotherham, Doncaster, or Barnsley, you won’t need to worry about getting lost on your way to the airport. We have highly experienced drivers who have been transporting people to the airport for years. Our drivers know all the best routes to local airports like Doncaster Sheffield Airport and Leeds Bradford Airport, as well as various other airports across the UK. Wyatt’s can get you to your chosen airport safely and on time, without getting lost. In comparison, if you choose to drive yourself to the airport and you’re not totally sure how to get there, you risk losing your way, getting there late, and potentially even missing your flight. 

Our drivers also use real-time satellite navigation systems. This allows us to identify any potential problems on the roads, such as roadworks or traffic jams. If so, we can adapt our route accordingly, making sure they are no unnecessary delays along the way.  

Your whole group can travel together 

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a minibus for airport transfers is that your whole group can travel together. At Wyatt’s, our minibuses can cater for groups of up to 16 people, making sure your whole party can travel to the airport in one vehicle. If you hire a standard taxi and there’s more than four of you, you will need to travel separately. This can be highly inconvenient, particularly as it prevents you from arriving at the airport at the same time. Travelling together in a single minibus can be much more fun too, with everyone getting into the holiday spirit together.

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More space for luggage

Choosing airport minibus transfers in Doncaster, Rotherham or Barnsley means you’ll have more space for your luggage. At Wyatt’s, our vehicles have an abundance of space for all your suitcases and bags. All your belongings can be easily accommodated, with many of our minibuses having extra-large ‘super-boots’ for this purpose. We can easily transport items like pushchairs, prams, and wheelchairs too, making sure everyone’s needs can be catered to.  

Less expensive 

In many cases, hiring a minibus can prove less expensive than other modes of transport. Taxis can be costly, especially if you’re travelling in a large group and need to hire more than one. Similarly, if you choose to travel by train, you need to consider how much several tickets will cost you in total. You might think that car travel will be cheaper, however, don’t underestimate the cost of parking your vehicle in one of the airport’s designated car parks. Prices can be steep, particularly if you’ll be leaving it there for several weeks. You’ll also need to consider the cost of the fuel needed to get you to the airport. It’s often much more cost-effective to hire a minibus and split the cost between your group.  

Your car will be safe and secure at home

Airport security may have become much more rigorous in recent years; however, this doesn’t always extend to on-site car parks. There have been many cases of vehicles being broken into whilst parked at the airport, and it’s becoming harder and harder for people to leave their cars with confidence. When you hire a minibus for airport transfers, you can leave your car at home, safe in the knowledge that it’s securely locked away in your garage.  

Travel in style 

Hiring Wyatt’s for airport minibus transfers in Barnsley, Rotherham, or elsewhere in South Yorkshire means you will travel in style. Our vehicles are maintained to the highest possible standards and include all the latest safety and entertainment features. Many of our minibuses have reclining seats, allowing you to relax and even get some shut-eye before your flight. Air conditioning is available too, as are Freeview and DVD systems, ensuring you won’t get bored during the journey. Many people think of airport transfers as a means to an end, putting up with a dull and uncomfortable experience. However, at Wyatt’s, we believe that your trip to the airport is the start of your holiday and should be as luxurious and enjoyable as possible. We want you to arrive at the airport relaxed, refreshed, and ready for the next part of your journey. 

Wyatt’s Coaches is one of the leading minibus hire services in South Yorkshire. Thousands of local people choosing us for airport transfers every year. Whether you’re jetting away for a well-earned holiday or on business, we can assist. With a large fleet of luxury minibuses and professional drivers, we can transport you to the airport safely, on time, and in real style.    So if you want to look at hiring a minibus for airport runs contact us here.