What is a staycation?

Staycation has become a major buzzword in 2021, with more and more people using this term when discussing their holidays. If you’re not sure what is a staycation and why you should take one this summer, read on. At Wyatt Coaches, we’ve been helping hundreds of people to enjoy memorable staycations in the UK. 

Staycations explained: What, where and whyWhat to take on a minibus trip

Staycation is a relatively modern term within the tourism industry. However, the practice of holidaying at home is certainly not new. People have been choosing to holiday in their own country for generations, with many attracted by the lower cost compared with jetting off abroad as well as the reduced travel times.

Having said this, staycations have become more popular than ever over the past 18 months, with strict travel restrictions making it difficult for holidaymakers to venture overseas. Due to the traffic light system for travel constantly changing and the need for expensive Covid-19 tests before jetting off, it’s become easier for people to stay in the UK and explore the wonderful destinations on their doorsteps. 

Almost two-thirds of Britons plan to spend their summer break at home this year – up from half in 2019. This is according to an annual poll carried out by Sykes Holiday Cottages. The poll also discovered that the average Brit intends to take two domestic holidays this year. It appears that many people are eager to make up for so much time spent at home during the pandemic. 

What are the biggest benefits of a staycation? 

There are so many reasons to book a staycation in the UK. Aside from the country having some of the most stunning destinations in the world, it can also be much more affordable than an overseas holiday. The biggest reason for this is that you don’t need to fork out several hundred or even thousands for flights. You can travel to your accommodation for a fraction of the cost, saving you significant amounts of money. Many people opt for minibus hire services to transport them to their destinations.

You also won’t have any of the airport stress that can sometimes dampen the enjoyment of an overseas break. You won’t need to waste time queuing at check-in or border control. With a staycation, your holiday can begin as soon as you close the front door.

Where are the most popular destinations for staycations?What is a staycation

Since the UK is blessed with such a wide range of fantastic destinations, booking a staycation needn’t be a backup plan this summer. The country has some of the most amazing locations in the world, with countryside and beaches to be proud of. 

North Wales and Cumbria are particularly popular right now, overtaking Devon and Cornwall for the first time. Other sought after destinations include North Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Dales, and the Peak District. Whether you’re looking to pull on your hiking boots and explore the nation’s splendid countryside or you want to experience a traditional UK beach holiday, you’re sure to create many happy memories. There are so many places ideal for solo travellers, couples, families, and groups of friends. 

What are my transport options for a staycation?

One aspect of a staycation that you’ll need to decide on before you book is how to travel to your destination. Although it’s possible to drive yourself or even catch public transport, a much better option is to hire a minibus with a driver. This can really take the stress out of getting to your accommodation. You can sit back and relax as you are chauffeured in style. 

Hiring a minibus is a particularly good idea if you’re travelling as a large group. You’ll all be able to travel together, allowing you to arrive at your destination at the same time. This ensures that no one’s late or gets lost making their own way there. Your staycation with friends or family can begin as soon as the minibus sets off, allowing you to start relaxing and having fun right away. 

Another reason that minibus hire is such a good idea is that there will be plenty of room for your suitcase, bags, and other luggage. Most of these vehicles have sizeable boots, making sure that you won’t need to leave any of your belongings at home.

Minibus hire

If you’re looking for minibus hire in Barnsley, Doncaster, or Rotherham, look no further than Wyatt Coaches. We’ve been providing minibus hire across South Yorkshire and beyond for over 15 years, building a fantastic reputation for ourselves. Not only are our minibuses maintained to an exceptional standard to ensure comfort and reliability, but our drivers are highly experienced. You can rest assured that they’ll get you to your destination safely and on time. 

Our minibuses can cater to groups of up to 16, ensuring that all your friends or family can travel to your staycation destination together. All our vehicles are incredibly comfortable, with luxury moquette seats that will help you to feel instantly relaxed. There’s entertainment available for those longer journeys, with some minibuses benefiting from Freeview and DVD systems. You can look forward to travelling in style when you choose Wyatt Coaches for minibus hire in Doncaster, Barnsley or Rotherham.

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