Why hiring a minibus is a good idea for shuttling your wedding guests

Once you’ve booked your dream venue and chosen your perfect dress, your thoughts may turn to your guests and making sure they get to your wedding on time. After all, friends and family arriving late or not at all can put a serious damper on your special day. Many couples are opting for wedding minibus hire in Barnsley, Doncaster, and Rotherham, with Wyatt Coaches the first-choice company. Read on to find out why hiring a minibus is such a good idea for shuttling your wedding guests.

Minibus hire for weddings get guests there on time 

Wedding Minibus Hire in Barnsley

Guests are one of the key ingredients of a wedding. Not only will they be there to witness you saying your vows, but they are essential for helping you celebrate the event after. A wedding without crazy dancing to cheesy music just isn’t a wedding if you ask us! So, it’s important to make sure all your friends and family arrive on time. You can do this by hiring a minibus to shuttle everyone to the venue together. 

As you’re wrapped up in a thousand other wedding details, it can be easy to forget about how your guests will make it to the ceremony. However, booking a minibus will provide peace of mind that everyone will be there to watch you say, ‘I do’. At Wyatt Coaches, our minibuses can carry up to 16 passengers. Our experienced drivers can transport your guests from the ceremony to the reception promptly. We’re happy to make multiple trips to accommodate all your guests on your big day. It’s also worth noting that our minibuses are wheelchair and pushchair friendly. This ensures that all your guests can be catered to. 

Whilst local guests may have no trouble finding your wedding venue, out of towners may struggle, especially if they’re relying on public transport. So, although hiring a minibus might seem like an unnecessary expense, it can prove vital for some of your guests. You won’t need to risk them missing out on the best parts of your wedding day.

Luxury facilities for guests to enjoy

When you choose a reputable minibus hire company like Wyatt’s, you can rest assured that your guests will travel to your wedding venue in style and comfort. Wyatt’s has an impressive fleet of coaches, with many including luxury facilities to ensure your guests comfort throughout the journey. As well as having luxury leather seats and recliners, our premium coaches also offer on-board entertainment, including DVD and Freeview. 

Why not gather some photos of you and your partner and make a romantic movie montage for guests to watch?! Coaches also have the most up to date heating and air conditioning systems. This ensures they’re kept at a temperate level throughout the journey. Guests will arrive at your wedding feeling happy, relaxed, and ready to celebrate.  

Allows guests to mingle and get to know each other

Wedding minibus hire in rotherham

Hiring a minibus to shuttle your wedding guests to the venue is a great way to help them become acquainted and get to know each other. This is particularly helpful if your guests are from different social groups or parts of the country. Sharing transport can get everyone mixing and mingling before the wedding even starts. You could even opt to include your photographer on the minibus, allowing them to capture priceless moments and memories on camera. 

Cost-effective wedding transport for groups

Transporting a big group of guests can be expensive. However, when you hire a minibus for your wedding transport in Doncaster, Barnsley, or Rotherham, you’ll spend less per passenger. Minibuses are ideal for weddings since they specialise in short-distance journeys, often charging on an hourly basis. This can be very cost-effective, being much kinder to your wallet than many other group transport solutions. At Wyatt Coaches, we’re renowned for our competitive prices, offering the best minibus hire rates in the South Yorkshire region. Why not call us and ask us for a no-obligation quote? We’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  

Environmentally friendly wedding transport

Reducing your carbon footprint has never been more important. So, it makes sense to choose wedding transport that’s as environmentally friendly as possible. When you hire a minibus to take your guests to your venue, this can seriously reduce the number of vehicles on the roads, cutting pollutions levels. Rather than various couples and families driving to the same venue in different cars, they can all travel together in a single-vehicle. Saving the environment may not be at the forefront of your mind when planning your wedding, but it’s important to think about when you’re inviting so many people to your event. 

Why choose Wyatt Coaches for wedding transport in Rotherham

Wyatt Coaches is one of the leading companies for wedding minibus hire in Doncaster, Barnsley, and Rotherham. Over the past 15 years, we’re proud to have played a part in many people’s wedding days, providing a professional transport service they can rely on their special day. We know how stressful planning a wedding can be, but we’re here to take the hassle out of getting your guests to your venue on time. We can ensure your friends and family travel to your wedding in style and comfort, ready to celebrate your big day with you. With years of experience in our field, you can depend on us to assist with all your wedding transport requirements.   

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As you can see we believe that hiring a minibus is a good idea for shuttling your wedding guests. If you’re ready to discuss your wedding transport needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. Call us on 01226 979026 (Barnsley), 01302 969027 (Doncaster), or 01709 645028 (Rotherham). Alternatively, send us a message via the contact form on the website and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible. We’re here to provide the perfect group transport solution for your special day.