Will UK Driving Licenses be Valid in the EU after Brexit?

As Brexit draws closer, and with a deal still not in sight, many Britons are left wondering about the implications of a ‘no-deal’ scenario. Sitting amongst the plethora of items needing to be discussed by the UK government and EU representatives is the issue of driving license laws. Currently, anyone with a full UK driving […]

Minibus Safety Inspection Checklist

  For minibus drivers, especially for those who are ferrying children, safety is absolutely paramount. Although minibuses are extremely valuable to schools and families, offering simple and affordable travel to sports trips and holidays, you – the driver – are responsible for its roadworthiness. As such, even if you are simply a teacher who has […]

Minibuses Services for Schools: What are the Regulations?

Minibuses are an extremely useful asset for schools which are fortunate enough to be able to use them. They offer both pupils and teachers the opportunity to take part in sports, cultural trips and various other activities which take place all over the UK. That said, when it comes to school minibuses safety is paramount […]