Should I hire a minibus and driver for my Christmas party? Should I hire a minibus and driver for my Christmas party?

For your office, club, or group, the Christmas party is sure to be one of the highlights of the year. As well as allowing everyone to have fun and relax, it can also help to improve team morale and promote stronger relationships. However, planning a festive celebration can be logistically challenging, particularly if everyone is […]

What to take on a minibus trip What to take on a minibus trip

Although travelling via minibus is often highly convenient, fun, and affordable, it can be difficult to stay occupied and comfortable if the journey’s particularly long. Fortunately, there are a few items you can take with you to make a lengthy minibus trip more pleasant. Read on to find out what to take on a minibus […]

What types of minibus are there? Mini Bus Sizes barnsley

There are many different types of minibus available to suit a wide range of needs. Minibuses can have up to 17 seats, including the driver’s before they are classified as something bigger. Features of minibuses can vary wildly from one vehicle to another, with some having higher roofs and longer wheelbases than others.  Most major […]

Can I Take My Pet On A Minibus?

Our pets are our best friends, and there are times where we want or need to take trips with them. Coastal runs with the dog, vet trips with the cat, there are a number of situations that might require you to use public transport with your pet. The question on the tip of every tongue […]

Summer Holidays 2016: Top Days out for the Family

While soaking the sun up on your back garden might be fun for a handful of those gorgeous days we’re sure to get this summer, it’d be a waste not to use the days to get out of the house and have a mini adventure with the family. But with so many things out there […]