Three of the Longest Coach Journeys

Some of us love long journeys by car or coach, some hate it. For some, long journeys aren’t a chore, on the contrary, they’re “road trips” – a time for adventure, exploration and endless, meandering conversations. For others, though, they’re by turns boring, stressful and extremely uncomfortable. In short: something to be avoided at all […]

Tips for Surviving Overnight Coach Journeys

These days, it’s not too difficult to get yourself a cheap flight. However, if you really want to travel on the cheap, nothing compares to a coach journey through the night. What’s more, it’s a lot less stressful too; you won’t have to worry about airport queues or check-ins, just buy your ticket, get on […]

What to Bring on a Long Coach Ride

Last month, the Wyatt Coaches team covered how to entertain yourself on a long coach journey, offering solutions from music to meditation. This month, in a similar vein, we’ll be providing you with a list of what essentials you’ll need to bring. On a coach journey, despite the urge to do otherwise, it’s always best […]

10 Ways to Entertain Yourself on Long Journeys

Some people find travel therapeutic, some find it claustrophobic and some find it down right boring. For those of you who fall into the third camp, it needn’t be this way. Long journeys give us a chance to get stuck into our more time-consuming hobbies, or simply do nothing if that’s what we want. If […]

Minibus Safety Inspection Checklist

  For minibus drivers, especially for those who are ferrying children, safety is absolutely paramount. Although minibuses are extremely valuable to schools and families, offering simple and affordable travel to sports trips and holidays, you – the driver – are responsible for its roadworthiness. As such, even if you are simply a teacher who has […]

St. Patrick’s in the UK: What Is It and Why Do We Celebrate it?

St. Patrick’s Day: for some – an excuse to have a few drinks; for others – a celebration of Irish heritage.  However, there’s still a large number of the British public who seem baffled by the idea of St. Patrick’s Day. In light of this, Wyatt Coaches will be looking at St. Patrick’s Day in […]

Marmalade Festival: what it is and where to go

The Marmalade Awards and Festival have been running each year at Dalemain Mansion for a decade now, all in celebration of the nation’s favourite preserve. A distinctly British event, The Marmalade Festival is packed with demonstrations, talks, exhibitions and shows for all to enjoy, and of course – lots of marmalade tasting! If this sounds […]

February Half Term Trips

For most families, February can still be a tentative time financially, largely because many bank accounts took a bit of a hit over the festive season. That said, despite its fewer number of days, February can feel like a rather long month and your family deserves a break. So, what better time to do this […]

Romantic Valentine’s Days Out for Couples

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought it would be fitting to highlight some of the best getaways and days out for couples throughout the UK. We understand that all couples are different and, as such, what might be fun for some might be a nightmare for others. In light of this, we’ll […]

5 of the Best Places for Springtime Day Trips

With the winter solstice behind us and the days slowly beginning to get lighter, it’s difficult not to look towards spring to help get us through winter’s unforgiving latter half. In order to enjoy spring properly when it comes around, it’s important to plan properly to make the most of it – not least because […]